National Fluids Lease Sale System

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The National Fluids Lease Sale System (NFLSS) is currently under development using Agile/scrum development methods.

Agile development is a phased approach to developing an entire program which allows both the internal and public users to use the developed portions of the program while we are continuously developing new features. This method gives the users (internal and public) the opportunity to provide feedback on suggestions for new functionality and notifications of functionality concerns so the program is designed to meet their needs in submitting and processing nominations for an oil and gas and geothermal lease sale.

While in the development phase, please help us to enhance the effectiveness of the NFLSS program by providing detailed feedback for your suggestions/concerns using the Public Help Desk link (Help Desk) located in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. All feedback is recorded and prioritized for development according to the level of impact and functionality needs.

NFLSS supports the BLM administration of the leasing program for Federal onshore oil and gas and geothermal leasing. Four key objectives of the new system are to: (1) provide efficiencies in the Expression of Interest (EOI) submission process, (2) shorten the time required to prepare for an upcoming lease sale, (3) enable real-time reporting capabilities, and (4) extend protest management capabilities of the bureau.

This web-based system serves as a powerful and flexible assistant in the leasing workflow process. In addition to interfacing with the Legacy Rehost 2000 (LR2000) system and available spatial applications, the NFLSS will assist the BLM state offices in managing pertinent surface use stipulations.

Key features of the NFLSS web application include:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Advanced search capabilities to provide rapid access to leasing data
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Integration with existing bureau systems
  • Quick Links to Key BLM and DOI Resources
  • Role-based access control
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Robust Document Management capabilities that leverage metadata
  • New task management functionality
  • More transparency of leasing activities for the general public
  • Information Security
  • Central management of leasing data to facilitate reporting at the national level, and
  • Future integration with powerful GIS mapping tools.

The system is comprised of an internal web application, used by the BLM staff, and a public-facing portal, which allows members of the public to electronically submit EOIs via the online form and track the status of their EOIs through their life-cycle. The BLM staff (who are authenticated users) use the system to research and evaluate eligible lands that are available for leasing, as well as prepare parcels for upcoming lease sales.

The new functionality that this system provides for the public user, as well as the BLM staff that participate in business workflows, increases the efficiency of the leasing program and allows the bureau to provide better service to the public.